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  Construction projects concerning petrochemical facilities, power facilities, gymnasiums, teaching buildings, office buildings, hotels, apartments, factory buildings, scientific research buildings, airports, exhibition halls, etc. increase day by day in world, while transport of related materials is key for smooth completion of construction.
  With years of accumulated experience for construction projects, perfect network coverage, advanced technology, senior experts and strict operation specifications, Zhenhua can provide customers with comprehensive, professional, characteristic construction logistics solutions, and implement whole-process logistics planning and spot operation for various complicated construction projects, with operating range from receiving at place of departure to delivery & unloading on building-site, which includes management & planning, inland water transport, coastal transport, ocean freight, airfreight, customs clearance, super large cargo transport, transfer by lighter, dock management and loading & unloading operation, etc. with specific flow as follows:

  • Customer demand analysis

  • Professional and high-quality personnel

  • Do field survey for transport routes, study all transport limits including road width, tunnel height, water depth of river channel, bridge height, etc., analyze traffic conditions of the whole transport route and consider weather to ensure safe, smooth transport process.

  • Various reliable transport tools including ships, vehicles, etc. guarantee adequate facilities for operation and transport of especially large, heavy cargoes and super large-size equipment.

  • Analyze and solve law & clearance issues that may happen.

  • Transport solution design

  • Implement cargo transport operation in accordance with equipment installation transport specification.

  • Supervision for cargo in transit and for loading & unloading at port

  • Emergency solutions

  • Track and report cargo at all times

  • Quality management and control in whole transport process

  • Completion report system
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